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When I was in college I needed to share the 3G I had in my notebook with my group of colleagues, but like any college student, I had no money to buy a router or pay extra for my carrier.

The purpose of this tutorial shall be explain how to turn any computer that has Windows 8.1 or higher (provided that your computer has WiFi, of course) on a wireless network point. You can extrapolate this example to other cases, such as: Your computer is wired to the router, even if it owning wifi, but his phone has no WiFi signal to connect, in this case you can set your computer to be a wireless spot.

Setting up the wireless network

Before we proceed, I would like to emphasize once again the prerequisites of this tutorial: It works only on Windows 8.1 or higher and your computer needs some device that allows to connect to wireless networks.

This being said, you will need to run some commands on your computer. Do not worry, I let everything ready for you. Click here to download the file and then extract it on your computer. You will need the 7-Zip software or similar in order to extract the file.

After extracting, you will see two files: Turn On WLAN.bat and Turn Off WLAN.bat as in the example below.

Press the right mouse button on Turn On WLAN.bat and choose Edit. If the computer ask what software must be open, choose Notepad. After opening, you will see an image like the one below:

You will modify two variables: ssid and key.

  • ssid will be the name of your network. Choose a short name with no spaces. In the example file is: BrunoKitsuneTutorial.
  • key will be the password to connect to your network. Choose a password with at least eight digits. In the example file is: #a1b2c3d4#.

After modifying the file, you must save (File menu, Save option). Then close the file.

Right after, you should press the right button on the file Turn On WLAN.bat file and choose Run as administrator, as shown in the image below. The program will open briefly and exit shortly afterwards.

And it is ready, this part is done. Note that you can close your connection at any time by running the Turn Off WLAN.bat file. By default the file is not scheduled to run on the startup from your computer, this means that you have to run the file whenever you want to share the connection.

Now we need to configure your computer to share the Internet, which leads us to the second part of the tutorial.

Configuring the local network

Let's open the Network and Sharing Center, for this, type Windows + R (Windows key is the one near the space bar with the Windows symbol), copy the following command it and press Ok.

control.exe /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter

If you could not open this way, open the Control Panel from the Start menu and choose Network and Sharing Center option. Note that if the first step was successful, your network should appear there, as in the image below.

What is the connection that has the Internet and what is the virtual connection in the previous image? The one has connection to the Internet is called Ethernet and the one with the virtual connection is called Conexão Local * 1. You'll need these information of your computer so we can proceed, okay?

Click the connection that has Internet connectivity, in my case, is the connection to named Ethernet. On the screen that opened, choose Properties.

 On the screen that opened, select the Sharing tab. Select the first option and choose what is the virtual network. In my case, it will be Conexão Local* 1.

The virtual network is created and you can share it with anyone who is interested. Remember to always run the Turn On WLAN.bat file to turn on sharing. Part of split connection needs to be done only the first time. To stop the Wireless LAN simply run the Turn Off WLAN.bat file.

I hope this tutorial has been useful! Thank you!