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A happy ending is what we always expect when we are watching a movie or reading a book. With games that's also true, that's the reason you're reading this tutorial, is not it?

In this tutorial we will show you how to achieve the happy ending in the WItcher 3 DLC called Blood and Wine. The reason I did this tutorial is that through instinct I failed twice to achieve the happy ending, so after looking hard enough, I was able to finish the game with the happy ending, I decided to do a simple step-by-step tutorial for help you.

Important observations:

  • The version 1.31 was the one I used as a basis for crafting this tutorial. If you are reading this at a later date, it may be that some tips are not valid, so stay tuned.
  • If you wish to do some additional research, all the names are in English, so you can search on a Wiki, such as The Witcher Official Wikia:
  • I'll take a step-by-step on how to get the happy ending, this should be understood without me needing to talk, but anyway... THIS TUTORIAL CONTAINS SPOILERS! I recommend you finish Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion at least once by following your intuition, then see what you missed.

Just to highlight: I'm not saying that the method I'm going to teach is unique, but rather that I've tested it more than once and it worked perfectly.

Are you ready? So let's get to work!

To begin with ... what's the happy ending?

The expansion of Witcher 3 called Blood and Wine, has three possible endings: happy; tragic and unlucky. Briefly:

  • Happy (purpose of this tutorial): Dettlaff will be killed, Syanna will be saved and will forgive her sister, as a result everyone will live happily ever after.
  • Tragic: Dettlaff will be killed, Syanna will be saved and will not forgive her sister, which will culminate in the death of both of them during the final ceremony of the game (I got this ending twice).
  • Unlucky: Dettlaff will be alive, Syanna will be dead and as a consequence, Gerald will be arrested. Dandelion will appear and convince Anna Henrietta to free you. You will have the option of discovering Syanna's plan, but this will not result in anything different, plus you will not earn the rest of the reward, but will keep your home at Corvo Bianco.

Step-by-Step Process

Some missions and moments determine the end of the story, others do not. The first mission that has an important variable is the ninth, called The Night of Long Fangs, i.e. all eight previous missions have no relevance to the end.
Eight initial missions that do not affect the end: Envoys, Wineboys; The Beast of Toussaint; Blood Run; La Cage au Fou; Where Children Toil, Toys Waste Away; Wine is Sacred; The Man from Cintra and Capture the Castle.

1. The Night of Long Fangs (Part 1)

Soon after the conclusion of the mission "Capture the Caste", where the Syanna's lie is revealed, Dettlaff begins the promised attack to Beauclair.

After an electrifying start, Regis will talk to Gerald about what should be done next. Choice: “Considering freeing Syanna. Let's talk to Damien”, as shown in the image below.

After this choice you will follow the Regis in Beauclair, as shown in the image below. Regardless of the choices made during the mission, your goal will be to enter the playhouse, where Syanna is located.

2. The Night of Long Fangs (Part 2)

Arriving at the toy house, after an investigation, Gerald will find the governess book inside a wardrobe, as you can see in the image below.

Read all the book entries. Pay close attention because this is a crucial step! The result should be all the entries in grayish tone, showing that you have read, as shown in the image below.

3. Beyond Hill and Dale (Part 1)

Soon after completing the previous mission, "Beyond Hill and Dale" will be started. You will be inside an illusion, an enchanted valley with characters from several classic stories.

You will find Syanna in this illusion, and you should always be courteous and polite to her, as shown in the following image.

Listen to her side of the story whenever she starts the dialogue and be kind and polite. This will happen several times during the mission.

Note: There is the possibility of having sex with her during the story, as shown in the image below. I point out that this option does not interfere with the happy ending of the story, so it is up to you. I even preferred not to do so because of the relationship with Yennefer.

4. Beyond Hill and Dale (Part 2)

During the progression of the mission, one of the objectives will be to visit the girl who sells flint, which now sells tobacco, alcohol and fisstech. When you start the conversation with her, Syanna will recognize the ribbon on the girl's wrist. To get the happy ending, you must take this ribbon, which may be winning a game of gwent or paying the girl, as shown in the image below.

5. Pomp and Strange Circumstance (Part 1)

After completing the previous mission, the mission "Tesham Mutna" will be started, which consists of confronting Dettlaff. Given the end we wanted and the decisions that were made in the last missions, Dettlaff will try to take revenge on Syanna, but without success. He'll be furious and try to kill you and Regis. The mission will be finished with Dettlaff's death.

Soon afterwards, the "Pomp and Strange Circumstance" mission will begin. Early on, Gerald will be preparing for the commemorative ceremony and Regis will start the dialogue. You must accept the investigation of the fifth victim by choosing the option: “You’re right. Need to talk to the bootblack. Let’s go”, as shown in the image below.

The bootblack will direct you to the beggars's shelter, as shown in the image below:

After solving the problems that will appear and talking to the beggars, we go to the next part.

6. Pomp and Strange Circumstance (Part 2)

After the conversation with the beggars and read the letter they have, you will discover that the target of the last murder is Syanna's sister, Anna Henrietta. During the conversation with Regis, in a certain part choose the option: “Love to learn her movites”, as shown in the image below (the previous options do not interfere with the result). 

Once this is done, your goal will be to visit Syanna in the tower where she is temporarily arrested, waiting for judgment. After passing by the guard, your conversation with her is of utmost importance.

You should encourage her to forgive her sister, for this, initially choose the option: “Cause she turned her back on you, forgot about you”, as shown in the image below.

After she justified herself, choose the option: “Ever thought to forgive her?”

You've done everything necessary for the happy ending of The Witcher 3's DLC Blood and Wine. I'm not going to go into details to not spoil your enjoyment during the final celebration of the game, but let's just say that the effort is worth it.

And so we finished another tutorial. Hope you have enjoyed! If you have questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact us through the link available in the navigation bar. Thanks for the visit!

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