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Red Dead Redemption 2 (or RDR2) is a game that in its online mode allows you to perform fun tasks with friends. The big problem is that, just like in GTA Online, here you need to be in a public session to make the sales that make the most money. By the way, we also have a solo session tutorial for GTA as well.

The purpose of this tutorial will be to show you how to make a public session just for you in GTA Online, to do these jobs with ease.

Before starting the tutorial, I would like to highlight a few points:

  • The version 1232.62 was the one I used as a basis for crafting this tutorial. If you are reading this at a later date, it may be that some tips are not valid, so stay tuned.
  • The tools that will be presented are Windows only, so as you might guess, this tutorial was developed for the PC version.

IMPORTANT: Since update 1232.62, which took effect at the end of May 2020, it is no longer possible to be alone for several hours, as it was possible before. This tutorial will introduce a method that will allow you to be alone for a few minutes, which is enough time to start a sale. You may ask, "But how does it help me?" The answer is quite simple: the game does not transfer you from the session in the middle of a sale. So when you start a sale in a public session alone, it will be in that session that you will make the sale, regardless of the time it takes.

All ready? So let's start.

Before you even enter the game, the first step will be to create a firewall rule that will temporarily block our communications with the Red Dead Redemption 2 Online servers. For this type Windows + R (the Windows key is the one near the spacebar, with the Windows symbol), copy the command below it and click on the Ok button, as shown in Image that will follow the command.

After this previous action, the program "Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security" will open. In this program, in the left column, click on the "Outbound Rules" (1) option. After that, in the section on the right, choose “New Rule” (2) option, as shown in the image below.

On the wizard screen that opened, choose the "Port" option and click next.

In the next step, please inform that this rule applies to UDP ports. Now we will inform you that these are specific remote ports, which will be: 6672, 61455, 61456, 61457, 61458. Your screen should look like the image shown below. If everything is correct, choose the option "Next".

In the next step, we will select the action to be taken when the connection matches the conditions that we specify. In this case, we must “Block the connection”. Choose this option, as shown below, and click "Next".

In the next step he will ask when the rule applies. Make sure to check all the options and click on "next".

Finally, it will ask you to name your rule. Choose a name as you like and click Finish.

Once completed, you will return to Windows Defender Firewall, and you will notice that the first rule present is the one you just created, with a red symbol preceding it. This symbol means that the rule is active. However, if the rule is active now, you will not be able to enter the game. For this reason, at this point we need to disable the rule. To do this, right-click on it and choose the option “Disable Rule”, as shown below.

If you have successfully performed this action, the red symbol for this rule will disappear, as shown in the image below.

At this point, we will leave the Firewall program open in the background and we will open the game in online mode. If you have done everything correctly so far, the game will connect in a session full of other players, as shown in the image below.

Since our process will work correctly for just a few minutes in the Free Roam mode, what we need to do now is to go to our camp.

After doing that, we will now open the Free Roam Menu (by default the “L” key on the keyboard), and choose the option “Online options”, as shown in the image below and press Enter.

Entering the Online Options Menu, select the “Change appearance” option and hold Enter to select this option. Note that even if a cost is shown for this operation, we will not save any changes, so you will not actually pay anything.

If you did this correctly, the game will display an alert, stating that you will need to leave the session. Just press Enter to continue.

We now arrive at the character edit screen, where you will see your character in his standard clothing. Remember not to change anything.

Now that the game is on this screen, we will press “Alt + Tab” to select the Windows Defender Firewall that we left running in the background. In this program, we will press the right mouse button on the rule that we created and we will select the option “Enable Rule”, as shown in the image that follows.

If you did it correctly, a red colored symbol will appear on the rule's name. Now type "Alt + Tab" again to return to RDR2. In the game, press the "Esc" to return to the Free Roam mode. A confirmation request will be shown as you can see in the image shown below, just press Enter to accept.

Now that you are back, you will notice that you are in a solo session and can confirm this by opening the Free Roam Menu (by default the “L” key on the keyboard ”), choosing the "Players" option. The effect is so blunt that you will sometimes notice that the time of day or the weather has changed as well.

But we have a point to highlight: this will remain stable for a very short time (up to five minutes in my experience). Another important thing: if you take any action that requires a Rockstar server, such as buying something, collecting something etc., the game will end your connection. So, what do we do now?

The answer is simple, go to your camp and stay close to Cripps. Go back to your Firewall again, pressing the “Alt + Tab” and disable the rule you created, as shown in the image below.

Immediately afterwards, start the sales mission. If you did everything right, the sale will start in the session that you are in, that includes only you, and that is properly connected to the Rockstar servers, which implies that everything is technically right and the sale will be made in this session, as you can see in the image that follows.

You are in a solo session making your delivery without any player bothering your progress, thus ensuring maximum profits from the operation. Note that right after delivery, the game will force you to enter a session full of other players, that is, with each new sale you want to make, just repeat the procedure after creating the firewall rule, because this rule will stay saved on your computer.

Did you like the tutorial? Remember to share with friends and if you have any questions, just contact me using the top bar.

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