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The GTA Online allows a lot of fun with friends and occasionally even with enemies. However, some actions, such as tycoon or MC jobs may be true hell on earth to be done in crowded sessions. The sad part of all this is that the game developer forces us to do these jobs in public sessions.

The purpose of this tutorial will be to show you how to make a public session just for you in GTA Online, to do these jobs with ease.

Before starting the tutorial, I would like to highlight some points:

  • Update 1.50: This tutorial has been updated and now works fully with this version.
  • The tools that will be presented are Windows only, so as you might guess, this tutorial was developed for the PC version.

All set? So let's begin.

The first step is to enter the game in any public session. After connecting you will probably connect to a session full of other players, as shown in the example in the image below:

Now that you're connected, you'll need to run a Windows program called Resource Monitor. For this type Windows + R (the Windows key is the one near the spacebar, with the Windows symbol), copy the command below it and click on the Ok button, as shown in Image that will follow the command.


Now that the program is open, you will see five tabs: Overview, CPU, Memory, Disk and Network. You must click on the Network option.

After that, in the list of processes look for GTA5.exe, right click on it and choose the option Suspend Process, as you can see in the image below.

In the dialog box that appeared, click in the Suspend process button, as you can see in the image that follows.

After clicking on it, wait approximately ten seconds, right click on GTA5.exe again and choose Restart Process.

Again a confirmation dialog will be displayed, in this case click on the Resume process button, as you can see in the image below.

Now just get back to the game. If you followed this protocol correctly, the first thing you will notice is that all players present in your session have been properly disconnected, as shown in the example below.

You already have a session just for you! As I said at the beginning of this section, you will still be fully active on Rockstar servers, which means that eventually someone can join your session after a while. In my experience so far, when I am alone, my time is 4-6 hours without anyone entering. When some of my friends come in my session, this varies greatly depending on the time, the later more unlikely someone get in. But duing the the afternoon, usually the time is very small.

But this is not a cause for concern, because this process is extremely simple, fast and can be performed again as many times as necessary.

I am grateful for the messages sent to me by e-mail informing me that the previous tutorial, which was based on version 1.37, was no longer working. If there is any doubt, criticism or suggestion, do not forget to contact us, through the top bar. Thank you for the company!

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