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The GTA Online allows a lot of fun with friends and occasionally even with enemies. However, some actions, such as tycoon or MC jobs may be true hell on earth to be done in crowded sessions. The sad part of all this is that the game developer forces us to do these jobs in public sessions.

The purpose of this tutorial will be to show you how to make a public session just for you in GTA Online, to do these jobs with ease.

Before starting the tutorial, I would like to highlight some points:

  • The version 1.37 was the one I used as a basis for crafting this tutorial. If you are reading this at a later date, it may be that some tips are not valid, so stay tuned.
  • The tools that will be presented are Windows only, so as you might guess, this tutorial was developed for the PC version.

In this tutorial I am going to teach two methods to stay solo in a public session of GTA V (GTA Online):

  • Through Windows Firewall: This will be the first one I will present and requires some configuration work, but it is the safest one. You will actually be totally alone and will appear offline to your friends on SocialClub during the period, but do not worry, you can turn the rule on and off with a few clicks.
  • Through exchange of networks, this process is extremely simpler and will be shown in the final part of the tutorial. Using this method you will be available to your friends and receive alerts normally, but there is a possibility that people can join your session after a while, if this happens, just make another exchange of networks.

All ready? So let's start with the firewall.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall is not exactly a very effective tool in what it is proposed to do, but at least for the purposes of this tutorial it will be able to help us.

Note that you must have Windows Firewall enabled for this to work. If you use another program for this function, you can either replicate the commands below in the program that you use or disable the third party firewall to enable Windows, the decision is up to you.

Well, now let's put our hands to work.

Let's start by opening the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security by typing Windows + R (the Windows key is the one near the spacebar, with the Windows symbol), copy the command below it and click on the Ok button, as shown in Image that will follow the command.


Once you have done this, you should be watching the program. In the column on the left, click Outbound Rules, and in the column on the right, choose the New Rule option.

On the screen that opened, choose the Port option and then click the Next button.

Then, in the first option, choose UDP. In the question below, choose the "Specific Remote Ports" option and type:

6672, 61455-61458

Note that the range has to be written exactly as shown in the image below, otherwise the rule will not work!

Next you will select the option to block the connection and will advance, right after you should mark all the possible connection profiles, as it is shown in the two images below:


Now you just save the rule with the name and description you want. I recommend choosing a simple name so that you will remember in the future what this rule is for.

From now on you are already with the public solo session active. To see if everything is right, in the Output Rules screen, you should see a "forbidden" icon in front of the rule, which by default should be at the top of the list.

If you wish to play with your friends, you will first need to close the game, then go over the rule you just created, right-click and choose the disable rule option, then reopen the game and everything will come back to normal.

If you have the rule turned off and you want to go back to playing alone, just right click on the rule and choose the rule enable option, in this case you do not have to close the game, just pause the game, go to the online menu And choose the Find New Session option.

The actions of enabling and disabling the rules follow in the images below:



The first few times you connect to GTA Online with this Firewall rule turned on, it is perfectly normal for the game to take something about 2 to 5 minutes longer than you normally expect. After your computer "becomes accustomed" to the firewall rule, the extra delay should be no longer than 1 minute.

From time to time you will enter a section with just one other person, if this happens, just pause the game, go to the Online menu and choose the option to find a new section.

Network Exchange

Now we'll talk about the exchange networks. This is a much simpler process, as it does not require any extra configuration, but it will only work on your computer if you can connect to the Internet in two different ways, such as wi-fi and cable.

It's worth noting that this process does not block your communication with the servers, this means that other players can join your session. When you are alone in the room, it is very difficult for someone else to come into your game, if you call a friend, then is the exactly the opposite, it is unlikely that they will not enter your section after a certain time. If someone enters in your section, just do the networking exchange process one more time. You can do as many times as you may need.

Let's start? The first step is to connect exclusively to one of your networks, in this example I will disconnect the internet cable from my computer and leave it connected only on the wireless network.

Now let's open the list with the network devices, for this type in Windows + R (the Windows key is the one near the space bar, with the Windows symbol), copy the command below it and click in the Ok button, as shown in the image below.


You should see an image similar to the one shown below. As you can see, I have potentially two internet connections, and only the Wi-Fi connection is active.

After that, open the GTA and connect it normally in online mode, in normal situations you will enter a section full of other people, as in the photo below:

Now turn on your other connection, in my example I just plugged the network cable back in my computer. To check that everything is OK, press Alt + Tab to return to the Network Connections window. If all went well, both Internet connections need to be up and running, as in the image below:

Now the trick: With the two connections working, disconnect the one you made the initial connection, in my case it was the Wi-Fi. If everything was done correctly you should see an image like the one below:

Go back to the GTA and wait approximately 10 to 30 seconds and watch the magic happen. All other players will exit from your session, as you can see in the image below:

You already have a session just for you! As I said at the beginning of this section, you will still be fully active on Rockstar servers, which means that eventually someone can join your session after a while. In my experience so far, when I am alone, my time is 4-6 hours without anyone entering. When some of my friends come in my session, this varies greatly depending on the time, the later more unlikely someone get in. But duing the the afternoon, usually the time is very small.

But do not worry, if someone enters your session, just repeat the procedure, but reversing the connections, in this example case, I'll activate the Wi-Fi, wait for it to establish the connection and then I disconnect the cable.

Some people claim that disconnecting the main form of connection and returning between 10-12 seconds later also has the same effect, however I can not say that this happens, because up to now I have not been able to simulate this effect.

And so we concluded our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed it and get it done in your computer! If there is any doubt, criticism or suggestion, do not forget to contact us through the menu bar. Thank you for the company!

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