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Being an honest GTA Online player is a complex task, because there are cheaters on every side, people abusing on exploits, among others things. One of the hardest awards to honestly get in this game is one called Criminal Mastermind. The objective of this tutorial will be provide tips how to get this award.

Criminal Mastermind

Before we begin the tutorial, I wish to highlight a few things:

  • The version 1.31 was the one I used as a basis for crafting this tutorial. If you are reading this at a later date, it may be that some tips are not valid, so stay tuned.
  • This tutorial assumes that you have already made all the preparations and all the heists at least once. The goal here is not to explain how to complete the objectives, but how to reduce the maximum chance of failing the award.
  • You should be connected in voice chat with your friends all the time. I recommend not to use the voice chat from Steam due to its instability, there are other solutions, such as Skype, for example.
  • The most difficult steps are shown in greater detail and vice versa.

All ready? So let's start.

Basic Concepts

The Master Award Crime is given for doing all preparations and heists in order, with the same team, at the maximum difficulty, without anyone dying during any preparation or heist. However, there is no problem to fail an objective without dying. This award gives you 10 million. If you have not completed the Loyalty and All in Order rewards, you will earn 2 million more (1 for the Loyalty and 1 for the All in Order), not couting whatever is earned by completing missions and heists.

It is worth remembering that all the challenges of the GTA that pay money are linked to your account, this means that you will win the cash awards only once, it does not matter if you use a different character. As for the challenges that reward other things, such as those that award free wheels for your car, it need to be done individually for each character of your account.

In this section we will talk about some basic things about the heists. I will divide the text into simple sections to facilitate the understanding.

Clothing - Ballistic Vest

During the preparations and the heists, wear a ballistic vest greatly reduces damage taken by the player. This requires two things: That whoever is hosting the match, whenever possible choose the option of using the saved outfits of the players. All members of the group, however, need to have a kit of saved clothes with a ballistic vest, like this image below:


The ballistic vest can be purchased at any clothing store.It can be purchased as a complete kit (as pictured below) or as a single piece of clothing. To save the outfit after equip it, just press the space bar (or the equivalent button on the consoles, as shown in the bottom of the screen).

Consumables - Snacks and Body Armor

To make a challenge like this you cannot be cheap. Therefore always remember to buy and use consumables when needed. Snacks can be purchased at any convenience store (shown on the map as a shopping basket). The body armor can be purchased at any gun shop.

To use them, simply open the Interaction Menu (M on the computer, Back on Xbox or Select on the PlayStation), go inventory and then choose the Snack or Body Armor option. While in cover or in a car, the consumption tends to be instantaneous.

You - Know your limits and be patient

It may not seem important, but this concept is extremely important. Always talk to your friends and choose functions that you feel comfortable. Many can not drive and a plane, others have a tremendous facility with land vehicles, some are great in armed combat, etc.

Never try to rush objectives. Remember that it's okay to fail the objective without dying. If necessary do the same task over and over again, but never risk the prize for being in a hurry!

All the team - Avoid explosive weapons and motorcycles

Explosive weapons are very fun in the GTA, particularly if used against that enemy that's bothering you for a while, but for the challenge that no one can die at any time, using explosives can become the difference between succeed or fail. Remember that the game relies on the Internet, a few seconds with lag may be sufficient for a car appear on your screen and get in front of you and your target. Furthermore, I can state with full conviction that it is possible to do all missions without using explosives (excluding those which obviously require their use).


Many people love riding on motorbikes, but remember that an accident can happen and you can make your whole team fails.

Heist 1: Fleeca Job

The introductory heist of the game, everyone should do the heist, grouping the four players in two doubles. In theory there should not be a problem, but if there is a problem, it may mean that your team must be changed!

Remember that all that will be spoken are tips and not rules. There are several ways of doing the same mission, and that one of the things I like in GTA.

1.1 Fleeca Job - Scope Out

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Any.

There are no secrets in this mission, just do the route carefully.

1.2 Fleeca Job - Kuruma

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Go to the objective and eliminate all enemies while inside your Kuruma. After this, take the Kuruma which is the objective and take it to where it will be shown on the map.

1.3 Heist: The Fleeca Job

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

There are no secrets, but to minimize the risks the players must walk out of the bank approximately at the same time to prevent one player from being exposed to the police.

Heist 2: Prison Break

This is the first real heist of the game and is the only one that forces players to use the selection of clothes for the heist, which makes it more complex. You will need a player who knows how to fly a plane and another player who knows how to fly a helicopter.

2.1 Prison Break - Plane

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Arrive at the airport, kill all the enemies inside the Kuruma. Remember that there are tanks with explosives nearby, so avoid getting close to them. After finishing just wait for the pilot to safely take the plane to the airport.

2.2 Prison Break - Bus

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

After killing the bus driver and take the bus, make sure that a player be responsible to take down the helicopter. This can be done more easily by a minigun or, if no one on the team has a minigun, you can do with a missile.

2.3 Prison Break - Station

Team 1 (Police): Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Not optional. Team 2 (Thieves): Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

The police should be careful because they can not modify the appearance and can not carry their weapons. A simple way to lose the police after getting a police car is entering the tunnel which is under construction. Thieves should only take proper precautions during combat.

2.4 Prison Break - Wet Work

Team 1 (Lawyers): Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest. Team 2 (Dimitri Popov): Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

To kill Popov just shoot a gun without a silencer near his house, he will run out and you can kill him without the presence of guards. The team at City Hall should take extra care not to fall while they are the roof, after, to grab the suitcase the driver let his partner next to the the suitcase in order to keep the minimum exposure.

2.5 Heist: The Prison Break

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Not optional.

Pilot: After takeoff and approach the target, the jets will appear on the map. Just stay behind it all the time, so you allow Demolition to help the Officer and the Prisoner. Be careful not to fly over the Fort Zancudo or the prison, also be careful not to leave the map.

Demolition: After the introductory part, go to the prison with the helicopter and assist the Officer and the Prisoner. Click here to see the points that you should be to protect his friends. There are markings on the photo showing the best angle to help clear enemies within the prison. Avoid flying too close to the prison or over the Fort Zancudo, they shoot guided missiles.

Officer: After killing the initial guards, gets to the prison yard, kill the enemies as you can, but without much risk your life outside cover. You must have the help of Demolition until you escape from prison.

Prisoner: Take the weapons and ammo you find on the ground, but without risking too much. You must have the help of Demolition until you escape from prison.

Heist 3: Humane Raid

Humane is a Heist, if performed simply, can be completed smoothly. The travel time between various missions is large, then redoubled your attention to insane civilians on the street.

3.1 Humane Raid - Key Codes

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

After the shooting starts, the Buyer and the Bodyguard should hide in the garage in the parking lot and hit enemies who can, you can see the garage in the background of this photo. The two guards can use explosives to destroy the cars at the main entrance parking. After cleaning the enemies and pick up the suitcase, get out of there using the hall at the side of the garage.

3.2 Humane Raid - Insurgents

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

After cleaning all the enemies protecting the Insurgents, three players goes on the car with the gun (one player on the gun on the roof of the vehicle) and the other player goes in Insurgent without the gun. Go up the hill, wait until you can take down the two helicopters then make the route shown on the GPS. Remember to keep both vehicles close to each other.

3.3 Humane Raid - EMP

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

While killing enemies within the aircraft carrier, remember to keep in cover. The player who is more familiar with the Hydra should fly it, the players that feel secure to help can take the Lazers, those who do not feel safe, can enter the Lazers and then immediately go back into the aircraft carrier. Note that to complete the mission only Hydra have to land, the others can keep flying.

3.4 Humane Raid - Valkyrie

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Kill the first enemy inside the base, and allow a player with minigun Exit the car, because there will come a Buzzard (30 degrees left). While the player kills the Buzzard, the others must help, staying inside the Kuruma (stopped) and killing the enemies that approach. In the absence of a player with minigun, more players can get off the car to help bring down the Buzzard, but all players must take extreme care not to pass in front of each other with explosives. Remember to not take long to kill the Buzzard, because he shoots missiles. Proceed with caution and kill all the enemies until you reach the Valkyrie. Remember that the co-pilot's weapon has only angle to shoot from the view point down.

3.5 Humane Raid - Deliver EMP

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Any, preferably light clothes.

The execution of the mission is not the easiest, but as stated earlier in the tutorial, we assume that you know what to do. I'll leave one tip here: there is no way to kill the sniper who is inside the base without alerting others. So the deaths must indeed be synchronized.

3.6 Heist: The Humane Labs Raid

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Ground Team: Be careful when jumping with a parachute. After that, the internal shooting can be solved mainly with an assault shotgun. There are several points to take cover, just do not take too long, because the longer you take, more enemies will spawn outside. Make sure you have purchased all possible breathers in the gun store.

Pilot and Gunner: The helicopter can stay near the laboratory entrance, outside the fence, just up and down because of helicopters. The priority are the helicopters, but only when they are getting close to you, otherwise shoot the ground units close to the entrance. The communication between pilot and gunner is critical to success. The pilot must be careful of helicopter blades during landing on the beach to catch the Ground Team.

Heist 4: Series A

I usually say that it is this heist that separates boys from men, because since the beginning of the challenge, we are the first heist that there is a real chance of failure, especially in the second preparation.

4.1 Series A - Coke

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

This mission has two teams: one that goes in the helicopter and the other team goes on a boat. Before beginning the assault the pilot must land the helicopter on the Pier, with angle to the back of the yacht, while the boat's pilot also must also choose a location that allows killing enemies inside the yacht. After killing the possible enemies, both teams must enter the yacht and make the rest of the mission normally. Miniguns to take down the helicopters are very welcome. In time to escape there are two options: The whole team can get in the helicopter and lose the police, or the team may choose to take the jet ski and escape through the sewer tunnel that ends on the beach.

4.2 Series A - Trash Truck

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Not optional.

We arrived at last in the hardest mission. Remember to keep the tranquility is as important as the execution of the mission, in addition, it is worth remembering that the snacks and the body armor are important to the success of the mission. For those who will stay in the back of the truck is important to have a great life bonus.

The pilot should always drive the truck in reverse gear until as close as possible to the garbage collection point, only then the collectors goes down from the truck and take the trash bags. Whenever begin collecting the trash, everyone needs to get off the truck, one of the pilots should stay in front of the truck (if possible with a minigun) and kill the enemies that approach, the other players (including the other driver) should be at the rear of the truck. The collector with less life should pick up one of the garbage bags and begins to help defend along with the other driver. When the path is clear, all players must move up into the truck, recover life and body armor and go to the next collection point.

Just an observation about the gas station: park the truck in the hallway just behind the gas station and not near fuel pumps, following once again the procedure referred to in the last paragraph.

4.3 Series A - Bikers

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

The initial part of the mission need to be made in stealth with synchronized deaths. It is worth remembering that after collecting the vans will spawn hordes of enemies, therefore it is vital that the vans are close to make a more effective protection.

4.4 Series A - Weed

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

While the Lookouts provide protection, the Ground Team will kill the enemies. After that, the Lookouts will pick up the Technical and Ground Team should take the two Bensons. The Technical must go ahead until it get out of the dirt track, because in the meantime there will be multiple enemies blocks on the road. Remember that the target in this part are the people and not cars. Returning to paved road, the Technical should slightly ahead, clearing enemies.

4.5 Series A - Steal Meth

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

For this mission I recommend two Kurumas. After arriving at the farm and kill enemies, someone should find a truck and getting it to transport the tanker, when this happens there will be a time limit to complete the mission. One of Kurumas should go in front of the truck and wiping the enemies as one gets behind the truck helping with the enemies that come up on the back. Be careful as the tank explodes if taking too much damage.

4.6 Heist: Series A Funding

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

For this mission I recommend two Kurumas, one to stay north and one south, because you can stay in the car while defending the initial waves of enemies. After completing this part, the players who enter the Technical must go a little ahead and shoot down the helicopters that will apper shortly after that, I also recommend to these players to get going in front and wiping the enemies, because the enemies does not spawn random, but at predefined points.

Heist 5: Pacific Standard

Update version 1.40: The trick to using Kuruma (Armored) has not worked for some time. I am updating the text on the step "5.6" to reflect the current situation. And now... are ready to start?

5.1 Pacific Standard - Vans

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Any.

There are no secrets in the mission, simply do it carefully and try to get the driver of the right van without killing him in order to not call the cops.

5.2 Pacific Standard - Signal

Vehicle: Any. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

During the assault on the island, a person must take down the helicopters that will appear, it is preferable to use the minigun, but if no one has, it can be used explosives, but with extreme caution so that no one is in front. When escaping, only the pilot and Avi Schwartzman should go in the police boat, the others must go on jet ski that are on the left side. Remember to take down the helicopter that will appear before you begin to escape. When you arrive at Alamo Sea, the boat's driver must do everything possible to lose the police, while the other players must draw the attention of helicopters away from the boat.

After completing this step, the player who is with Avi Schwartzman should open the Interaction Menu (M on the computer, Back on Xbox or Select on the Playstation) and request the delivery of your vehicle, so there is no need to steal one.

5.3 Pacific Standard - Hack

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Everyone within the Kuruma should go straight to the location that the enemies are, which is Vinewood Boulevard. After eliminating all enemies, the white van has to be brought by the driver to the location of goal. After that, the three Decoys must escape, but not by Las Laguns Boulevard, but a street further on, for example: Milton Road. This way you avoid going through all the enemies with predefined spawn.

5.4 Pacific Standard - Convoy

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Arriving at the bridge, close it by putting your vehicles horizontally. Wait for the first helicopter and kill him with your sniper. Wait for the convoy to reach you. Using fast guns kill all enemies, restrain your fire on vehicles to avoid blow them up. Two players should go in the Merryweather Insurgent (obviously a player on the gun standing on top of the car), a player must go in the truck and a player should enter the Kuruma. The player who is in Kuruma should be close to the truck, defending it from the enemies that will appear. The truck must always be far behind the Insurgent. The Insurgent must be forward to clear the enemies. Wait for the two helicopters approaching to kill them, then go cleaning rest of the way smoothly.

5.5 Pacific Standard - Bikes

Vehicle: Kuruma (Armored). Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Everyone within the Kuruma should go to the objective of the mission and kill all the enemies present there. After killing all enemies, all players must pick each one a Lecto. When all players are ready, they must go together, like a convoy, to arrive at the goal. It is not necessary to kill all enemies, only those who are chasing you. If a player falls, everyone should stop to help. Remember to not escape by the Vinewood Boulevard (which is the route suggested by the game), because will be a lot of enemies with predefined spawn, to avoid them escape by the Spanish Avenue (which is the next street over).

5.6 Heist: The Pacific Standard Job

Vehicle: Anyone. Clothing: Ballistic vest.

Update version 1.40: The introductory part, which consists of entering the bank and collecting the money should be done without major problems. I point out that if the idea is to maximize the gains, I recommend that only one person take the money, so that there are not two people exposed with the packs. Someone must kill a civilian to force NOOSE to show up.

At the time of escaping, the two most capable fighters leave the bank and do the process normally, while the other two need to stay inside the bank: one as a bodyguard and the other on the back to not accidentally lose money. Remember that after clearing the inicial assault in the front part of the bank, all of you have to pick up the first check point that is just outside the main door of the bank. Once that's done, two go back inside and two clear the way.

When you get on the bikes, one of the members will destroy them simultaneously with explosives, something that two grenades or plastic explosives should do easily. Go back to the path you came from, go down the street and head west toward the nearby Ammu Nation. In front of the gun shop there will be an armored NOOSE van that you can access. The two must get in the front seats of the van, then go back to the bank, pick up the two friends that are there and do all the escape check-points with the other friends (remember they stayed in the bank), then the driver must escape using the Great Ocean Highway. Remember that someone inside the car can put markers on the map to assist the pilot. You can see the map by clicking here. The green dot is where the apartment is, the red dot is the objective and the arrows indicate the direction you should go. When you arrive at the goal, since you will still be under police pursuit, the ideal is to clear nearby enemies and then get into the boat and escape.

This is longer tutorial that I made in this new version of Bruno Kitsune Web-Site, it took about 8 hours of constant work to finish. I hope this my effort collaborate in some way for you to complete the Criminal Mastermind challenge. Remember that you can contact me to provide suggestions and etc. Thank you!

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