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Perform a discovery in an open world game is very fun, is not it? In Ghost Reacon: Wildlands, exploring the area known as Inca Camina, a perceptive player will hear conversations of NPCs talking about "El Yeti," which apparently kills people with no mercy.

The purpose of this tutorial will be to show you how to call El Yeti, also known as Bigfoot, kill him and unlock his exclusive clothes.

Important Note:

  • Version 1.16.0 was used as the basis for the preparation of this tutorial. If you are reading this tutorial at a later date, some tips may not be valid, so stay tuned.

When this rumor came up in the game, many explanations tried to emerge, but the curious that Bigfoot (or El Yeti) is actually a sniper and calling it is quite simple.

On the map, go exactly to the following coordinates (see the bottom right on the screen shown below): Lat.: -19.7420; Long.: -66.6634.

See an image showing an overview of the map where the place is, you will notice that it is in the southwest of the map, in Inca Camina.

In this location, you will find a stone with blood marks. If you are near the stone, you will see the option to "check", as shown in the image below:

After you check the stone, you will hear a scream, and the battle begins against the Yeti, the sniper.

After killing it, simply reach the body and once again the option to "check" will be shown, as shown in the following image.

And ready, you've already unlocked all the possible items from "El Yeti", including gun paintings, color patterns for clothing, guille, and so on.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you liked it, remember to share it with your friends!

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