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At the end of 2017 Ubisoft made an extremely exciting announcement: The Famous Predator from the Alien vs. Predator saga of movies would be placed in the Ghost Reacon: Wildlands through a free DLC, not only for intense fighting, but also with various items for the players.

As confirmed by the developers themselves, the Predator was made to be difficult. It has the highest HP among all the characters in the game and various tools that can make this fight a real hell.

To get to Tier 1, I did this mission at least once on all levels, so I ended up getting a little bit of experience. In this tutorial I will share with you several tips that make the fight much easier and that you, like me, will be able to do the whole mission in less than 20 minutes.

Important Note:

  • Version 1.17.0 was used as the basis for the preparation of this tutorial. If you are reading this tutorial at a later date, some tips may not be valid, so stay tuned.

First steps of the mission

To fight the Predator in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, you'll need to start the quest: The Jungle Moved. This is one of the missions of Caimanes, which is in the eastern part of the map.

When you start the mission you will be pointed to a woman who will tell a story of how she was spared by a forest monster. For those who know the movies, you know that this is simply a synonym that she did not pose a challenge to the Predator. Once you have done this, you will be asked to collect three different clues, showing the brutality of the Predator, as well as his ship.

But let's face it, that's not why you came here, is it? Of course not, you want tips on fighting, and that is precisely what we will address in the next part.

Fighting the Predator

Let's now give some tips on how to kill the Predator in the simplest possible way, but I would like to inform you that you will need quick reflexes and be effective with your aim, okay?

Thermal Vision

The Predator will use essentially two abilities against you: a heat-guided missile and a grenade. Speaking specifically of the missile, it will lock the aim on you or a member of your squad for a few seconds then shoot the missile. If he fails twice, he will start throwing grenades and will only stop when taking damage.

A clear way to see both the guided missile lock and the area that the grenade will explode is to use the thermal vision, which is nothing more than a skill you can buy and that is activated by double-clicking the "N" the keyboard.

Doing this fight with the thermal vision puts you in clear advantage, because in addition to defending, it is much easier to see the Predator in the forest.

If necessary, play alone

One of the great differences of this fight is that you can not use your drone and the cooldown to revive is 300 seconds. Reviving a partner needs to be meticulously calculated, preferably after dealing damage to the Predator, as it will automatically fire the guided missile at you as soon as you try to revive your friend, as shown in the image above. If your friend died in an open place, it is extremely likely that you will die while trying to get him up if you do not have the coverage of friends.

So here's the simple tip: If the squad is playing badly, choose to play alone and let the bots revive when they are killed.

Location, location and location

Just like in buying and selling real estate, the key to winning this fight is its location. The place I usually stay is a little northwest of the ammunition box, between two trees, as shown in the pictures above.

The reason for this choice is that there is natural missile cover on your back (depending on the angle you may need to squat). In fact, anywhere is appropriate if you can cover yourself in any direction in 2 or 3 seconds, which is the average time it takes to charge the missile.

The scenario is its cover

In fact this tip is a complement to the previous one. Guided missiles are the strong point of this fight and you have to defend yourself.

My tip is that the scenario is your cover, you will not have cars or helicopters (because the Predator will destroy them if you decide to take them), there will be no rebels (who will also be taken one by one through the Predator). Here the trick is to trust your skill, your weapon and your cover. Trees and stones are your friends, use them all the time!

Use high damage and good accuracy weapons

As stated at the beginning of the tutorial, Predator character with the highest HP in the entire game, so using a low damage weapon is not a good idea. I love playing with sniper rifles, like the BFG-50 or HTI, but that does not mean you need to play with these weapons as well.

If you choose to play with assault rifles, AK-47 and M4A1 are great options. Considering that there are no other NPCs around, you can play without silencer smoothly.

I particularly do not generally recommend pistols, shotguns and light machine guns, except for a few exceptions, because of the damage/accuracy correlation.

The fight

As previously reported, your enemy has an arsenal of exceptional abilities and enough damage to kill you with just one hit, even with all the skills to boost your HP, so your reflexes and positioning are crucial to good performance in the fight.

As soon as you get to the end of it, I recommend placing yourself between the trees I indicated and turning on the thermal vision. In the beginning the Predator will appear very slowly, be very attentive to the sounds, because with a good headset you can know in which direction he is.

If you are not too quick to aim, I recommend using the over the shoulder instead of the iron sight, which you change by pressing the Alt on the keyboard while you are watching.

The fight has two phases, in the first the appearances of the Predator are few and the attacks are slow. In the second phase, which you will notice by the accelerated beat of the song, the attacks will be very fast and you basically will not have time to rest. The trick here is to try to locate the enemy quickly, otherwise he will start throwing grenades at you. Another tip is to always stay close to a high cover and throw yourself on the floor if he is aiming at you.

Final conclusions

In one of the most exciting fights of the game, this will be one of the few in which you will be at a real disadvantage, against an enemy with much more life than you, in addition to one-hit-kill attacks. The key to winning the fight lies in patience, reflexes, defense and accuracy.

After the fight you will need to check his body (as shown in the picture above), he will commit suicide through a blast, so here the tip is simple: run like hell!

Thanks for your company in more this tutorial. Remember to share with friends and send a message if you have any suggestion!

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