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Starting a new game is always a fun activity, even if it is by exploring new regions, discovering new weapons or even by the mistakes we make until we learn the correct gameplay.

The purpose of this tutorial will be to provide tips I would love to have received when I started playing Far Cry 5, which can make your visit to Hope Country much more productive.

Until the date on which I wrote this tutorial, I concluded the game three times. Alone on Hard difficulty, followed by Infamous difficulty and accompanying a friend in cooperative mode. This helped me a lot to get different perspectives on the game.

Important Observations:

  • Version 1.011 was used as the basis for the preparation of this tutorial. If you are reading this tutorial at a later date, some tips may not be valid, so stay tuned.
  • In this tutorial I will address tips for the base game, which is set in Hope Country. Here I will not address tips for the DLC.

Guns for Hire

During the game you can have up to 12 companions, 3 fighters and 9 specialists.

You can recruit fighters at any time by simply identifying the icon that appears over their heads. Note that each combatant has a different type of combat, which is shown by the icon that represents it.

To recruit specialists, you will need to go in specific places and in some cases complete a mission. Once you open your map for the first time, at a certain zoom level you will see a photo of each expert on a part of the map, such as Jess Black who is in the Baron Lumber Mill in the Jacob Region, as shown in the image below.

I highly recommend you unlock these characters as soon as possible, especially if you will play alone.

Each of the experts meets a specific type of gameplay. I like Jess Black, because she combines very well with my kind of game, which is stealthy.

The map is yours

With the removal of the towers system that existed in the previous games of this franchise, the location of diverse points of interest of the map appear of different forms, like finding maps, among others.

Many players do not like this change, but do not worry, because Ubisoft itself has an online version of the map, which can be accessed by opening this link.

Additional Tip: Some additional missions of the regions, which involve the destruction of some structures, such as silos, shrines, and wolf emitters are also available on this map. To do so click on the icon that appears in the bottom right, among the options that appeared, choose the Eden's Gate category, followed by Cult Structures. Note that for this you must first choose the option: I'm okay with spoilers.

Update: I made a new tutorial explaining in detail the process of locating these structures. You can access this new tutorial by clicking on this link.

Let yourself be captured

During the game, every amount of reputation you reach, which is represented by a small ball in a reputation progress bar, the boss of the region will capture you. This will occur three times in each of the three regions.

The tip here is quite simple: Do not resist. There is no escape. In the image in this section I am showing Faith Seed. She will talk to you, then you will see the alert saying that you have been blessed, after appearing this message you just have to wait to be captured. Note that similar actions happen in other regions.

I confess that I found this very annoying, mainly because at first I believed that I could resist, which was a mistake.

Capturing outposts

Despite being an action game, the Far Cry 5 doubly rewards the stealth mode to capture from outposts.

  1. It will not be necessary to fight reinforcements, which makes this process a lot easier.
  2. Financial reward: $ 1,000 if you are not identified and $ 400 if you are identified, but the alarms did not call for reinforcements.

Some tips for those who want to play in stealth mode:

  • Always turn off the alarms before you start killing your enemies. The ideal way would be to get in front of the alarm and disable it by using the action button. If this is not possible, alternatively it is possible to destroy it with a weapon, preferably a bow.
  • Spot enemies before you start killing them. You can do this in three methods: (1) Ideally using the homeopathic item for hunting, which has a good range (as we will discuss later); (2) Alternatively using Boomer as your companion, as he has the ability to mark enemies that are close to him; (3) Using the binoculars.
  • Remember that not being identified is not synonymous with not being sought by the enemy. It's an extreme example, but if you shoot a bazooka in the middle of multiple enemies, but no one sees you or your friends, you'll earn the additional $ 1,000 reward anyway. I recommend using the bow in most situations, but when someone is looking out for you, a long-range sniper rifle with a silencer or assault rifle with a silencer will help you more then a bow.

Fast travel and air drop

This is the tip is the one I most wanted someone to give me when I started playing, but it took me almost all my first gameplay to figure this out.

If you want to finish quests quickly, the game's transportation system can frustrate you, because the place where you can request airplanes and helicopters are extremely restricted, so there are still options like cars or trucks, both of which are very slow. What can we do then?

One of the advantages you can buy is called air drop. It is expensive: 10 points and requires that you have previously unlocked the wingsuit. It's an expensive skill, but it helps a lot. It works like this: after buying this skill, just click on a point on the map that allows for fast travel. When you do this, an additional option will appear, as shown in the image below:

Just click the option shown in the image above, then you will be transported into the air. Just open the wingsuit and go to the desired point. This skill is extremely useful for anyone who is picking up the collectibles from the game and does not want to waste a lot of time traveling. Depending on where you are and the desired destination location, you can travel huge distances, such as a mile or so.


The game's perks system has undergone a major change compared to previous versions. In short, everything is exchange for points, which are earned by doing preparer's stash missions or by completing challenges.

I honestly did not like this change, because it oversimplified a few elements that existed before. For example: the different types of bags you only improve with points, for this reason animal skins now serve only to get money and unlock some specific challenges.

The tip here is simple: keep an eye on your challenge tab and do them whenever is possible, this will often require you to do actions that do not match your type of game, such as playing with a shotgun for someone who likes bows or vice versa. Another tip is to keep an eye on the icons of preparer stash missions, which reward you with three points, these quests are represented by greenish-colored diamonds.

Homeopathic items

Homeopathic items are the ones you access when you open the weapons wheel (by default: Q key), followed by the utilities option (by default: E key). These syringes have greatly improved your character's performance and I recommend using them whenever possible, mainly because you can keep a limited stock of plants in your inventory.

For a stealth game, the hunting syringe is very good when capturing an outpost, as it reveals all enemies within the radius of proximity to whoever used it. These syringes can be enhanced by completing specific missions. The improved hunting syringe version, for example, is obtained as a reward from the Nature Provides mission, which is in the Whitetail Mountains region, as you can see in the picture in this section.


With several changes in the game, Far Cry 5 received mixed ratings from the public. Honestly, I believe the game has been oversimplified in terms of character progression as well as exploration, yet it remains extremely entertaining. Despite the simplification, the exploration and fulfillment of additional quests remain extremely valuable to players, who can modify items and recruit followers that best suit their playstyle.

What did you think of this tutorial? Do you think we meet your expectations? Was something missing? Please remember that you can contact me using the contact bar option above. Thanks for your time and see you soon!

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