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There are many programs or games that we realize the download on the Internet comes in ISO format. Our goal in this tutorial is to transform these files in virtual drive disk, allowing you to use the file while maintaining the security properties and without the need for extraction.


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Initially we need to install the latest version of Daemon-Tools, which will be responsible for turning the disk images to virtual disks, enter this link to enter the site. In this page, choose the Download option, which appears in the top menu.

Then click the download button of the Lite version, as shown in the image below.

Scroll down until you find the download button, click this button and download the program.

Then run the installer. The first option is to choose your language, then it will show ask the license type, be sure to choose the free, as shown in the image below.

Some disk images have the protection of security embedded in them, as in the case of RCT2 TTP, available on our website. To successfully emulate these images, be sure to mark the SPTD option. You must restart the computer after installation if you do not have the tool installed.

During installation will possibly be asked to install a Daemon-Tools driver. You need to install to the program to work properly.

After installation you will see a "Special Offer", which installs sponsored programs on your computer. Be sure to close this window.


After restarting the computer, start the Daemon-Tools program. In your Image Catalog (red rectangle in the screenshot below), click the empty space with the right mouse button and select Add Image.

After adding your image, press the right mouse button on it. If the image is simple, choose the Mount option. If the image has the built-in protection system, select the Mount to SCSI option.

Done! Now the disk image is already on your computer, working like a disk!

Thank you for reading this tutorial! Please contact us to ask questions, give suggestions, among others. Be sure to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tutorials and information!