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On this page we will talk about one of the most important things in our modern age of technology, the backup. Our earlier visitors know that all sites of our group went off the air in early 2013. The reason? A hacker attack on our web server. The server had no backup and curiously the same day my hard drive was broken. The result? Almost ten years of contents was thrown off overnight.

Nowadays we have many backup tools such as Dropbox, OneDrive, among others. People who have suffered from the loss of data (like me) now not only use these tools, but we use more than one, and this can take a big headache. Surfing the Internet I found an ideal solution it is CloudHQ.

To access the site, simply click here. Signing up is super simple and is done in a few minutes. The fun part is how great the possibility of backups and how each fits the way you work. For example, I'll show you how I work and how I used this site to make automatic backups.

I use Dropbox, for the simple reason that I find the most functional program than its competitors. I redirect the folders of user files, such as "Documents", "Pictures" and etc. into the Dropbox, so I just do the automatic backup of this data. I own a account in OneDrive as well. What is my goal? Automatically copy all files from Dropbox to OneDrive. But I do not want to install OneDrive on my computer because my storage space is limited. I will explain how the CloudHQ solved my problem.

In my case, after creating my account I entered this link and choose the option to synchronize two accounts in the cloud. First I chose Dropbox and then OneDrive. Among them are an arrow, showing that the standard synchronization happens in two ways, but this is not what I want. So I switched synchronization to only one way (only from Dropbox to OneDrive). Please note that in this step the CloudHQ will ask you to connect to any accounts that you connect here.

When you finish mounting this intuitive process, will show various filters you can use, for example: Copy only files that you created, convert files to Google Docs (if you are using Google Drive), among many others. After making the filter choices, the synchronization process will start and then you only need to wait for completion, you can check the status of the process using the "Sync" tab.

Another very interesting tool they provide is the synchronization of tabs in GMail, which enables collaborative work your entire team when you put a message on a particular marker. You'll need a Google Chrome extension to use it, you can download at this link. They even made available a video teaching how to use, just click here.

In short, I found an extremely functional tool to ensure that my data are secure, now if you'll excuse me, I'm going out to back up the database of the Bruno Kitsune Web-Site.