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In order to avoid making too much advertising in BK Web-Site, I decided to create this page with useful links. Performing any of the following actions you contributed to the site continues to grow, well as helping with cost of web hosting.

Note: These services are the responsibility of their creators, so we have no responsibility for them.

1. Hosting (Paid)

A few years ago our site trust Hostinger to keep our website. With several exceptional resources to shared sites, in addition to extremely fast support is the shared hosting with the highest cost / benefit I had the opportunity to meet.

If you were looking for a place to host your website or blog, look no further, you've found it!

2. AdFly (Advertisement)

One of the finest ways of maintaining your website or even make money with your posts on social networks is transform them in advertisements. Do as our website and use the AdFly.

3. CloudHQ (Paid)

This system allows you to synchronize multiple cloud systems simultaneously, allowing for even greater data security, and the most interesting fact is that all this happens without any software installed on the computer. We made a specific article about them, see here. You can access the site directly by clicking here!

4. TunnelBear VPN (Free)

The best VPN system I have had the opportunity to use, simply removes all network restrictions from places like college or work, in addition to making the entire connection secure. We have a specific tutorial on this subject, see this link. You can create the account directly by clicking here.

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