Bruno Kitsune Website
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This site happened by chance. I will explain the short story:

Since August 2005 I am moderator of a forum, Forum Portal Sonic. I've always been known for providing self-help tutorials for computer maintenance. Once, the Forum decided to open an IRC channel, very few members there know how to use this system, this time I found an add-on called ChatZilla, whose beta was released at the same time. Well, I made a tutorial with some images teaching connect to the IRC channel.

My friend Dark Sonic, responsible for the channel at the time, congratulated me and asked: "Why do not you launching a website to place these tutorials we use here on a day-to-day?". I liked the idea and started building my site in a WYSIWYG editor, Google Pages, that in mid 2006. As might be expected, the Bruno Kitsune Web-Site was launched with some simple tutorials and helped the daily life of forum members, here are some examples:

  • How to create random images
  • Sending and receiving files via download sites
  • Setting #irc in Firefox
  • Among others.

Over time, people from other communities began to redirect my content and contact. At this time, I decided to create a domain suggestion of a friend to simplify the URL of the site to In early 2007 I started to make available some old games that had the PC for downloading, it generated a great deal more visits. Had titles such as RollerCoaster Tycoon, Commandos: BEL, RollerCoaster Tycoon, F22 Raptor, etc. This contributed, and to the web-site's growth.

Finally in March 2007, I noticed that Google Pages already could not manage to host our website, links were becoming increasingly complex, the footer changes the same thing, in addition to WYSIWYG editing is very limited, I decided then buy private hosting.

As it should be assumed, a person who needs to use a WYSIWYG editor does not know anything of web-design, so I had the idea to ask for help to a friend, Jean Felipe, to create a new look for the site. Jean, at the time, director of Sonic Brazil, accepted the idea of readiness and decided to take a simple design for my site. In early April 2007 the design was finished, we had finally a good layout for development, with the help of another colleague, Gabriel, learned the basics of the include function (PHP) and could fix the index, with each new content, simply I edited the page that the index continued with fixed content.

As you might guess, I started the conversion of the old pages to the new host also put links to downloads and everything. I confess I was unsure as to, but the number of visits almost has tripled in less than two months. So here we are offering the best to you, dear friend. Thanks to you is that we keep the site alive.