Bruno Kitsune Website
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Name: Bruno Kitsune

Age: Not revealed

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Type: Hero (Stealth)

Personality: Strong temperament, cold, calculating, minimalist.

Likes: Reading books, teach spy classes, eating little and play sports.

Hates: Being disturbed when doing something, being defeated.

History: Bruno Kitsune was born in a small town in the interior of the continent, he was raised by his parents until the day he joined the military school in the capital. Bruno Kitsune always took way for activities requiring agility, after much study it achieves a position of prestige in the army, participates in the team of special weapons and tactics.

Strengths: He knows to hide and attack enemies at the right time, to avoid drawing the attention of other enemies. To be light and agile, has ease in camouflage and moves quickly, with few gadgets.

Weaknesses: As in RPGs, agile characters can not be very strong, but this is compensated by its resilience. It can not carry very heavy weapons.