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This is the game that revolutionized the current shooters. Doom II caused much controversy at the time it was released, and is considered by the media as "evil" and even "super-violent". The game's story comes down to a guy in a place that is full of demons that went through a portal and are on Earth. The package I am providing contains, in addition to the full game, a powerful rendering package (lets play todinho in OpenGL, 3Dfx, etc.), and Super Mario Doom (mod that turns the characters and items in the game in Super Mario World ).

Technical data:

  • Name of the game: Doom II: Hell on Earth
  • Creator and/or distributor: GT Interactive, Virgin Interactive Entertainment Ltd., Activision Publishing, Inc., Tapwave, Inc.
  • Release year: 1994
  • Genre: First-person shooter


  • Part 1 [013.338.370 bytes]

Other information:

  • Package: Full
  • Distribution: Ready to play
  • Pre-run: -----
  • Application: LAUNCHER.EXE
  • Compatibility: -----
  • Other notes: -----