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Sonic Adventure 2 is the last game of the mascot for Dreamcast and is considered by many fans as the best Sonic game in 3D, by several factors: There is a captivating story, it can play the story from two sides (Team Sonic and Team Dark) , the gameplay has been greatly improved, among other advantages. The version available on our website is the HD which was recently launched to current platforms.

Technical data:

  • Name of the game: Sonic Adventure 2 (HD)
  • Creator and/or distributor: Sonic Team, SEGA
  • Release year: 2001
  • Genre: Plataform


Other information:

  • Package: Full
  • Distribution: CD Image
  • Pre-run: -----
  • Application: sonic2app.exe
  • Compatibility: -----
  • Other notes: After emulate the CD image, run the setup.exe program. After the installation, copy the files from the Crack folder to the folder that you installed the game. If the game does not work after this, run as administrator the file launcher.exe, located in the folder you installed the game.